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How to Deal with a Toxic Employee

Posted on October 2019

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In the high-pressure world of pharma and life sciences, it is the employers' responsibility to make sure their team is happy and productive. A large part of wellbeing in the workplace comes from our social connections, and the presence of a confrontational, unpleasant and toxic employee can have knock-on effects across an entire company.

Spending 40+ hours a week in the presence of a toxic co-worker can drain energy, productivity and enthusiasm from an individual. It is important to identify and approach a toxic employee before the toxicity spreads to others.

Toxic behaviour usually has a reason behind it, and confronting a toxic employee is a tough task which requires a delicate and empathetic approach. This resource provides tips on how to approach toxic behaviours such as targeted bullying, taking credit for the work of others or spreading gossip.

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