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Life Sciences Salary Snapshot 2022

Posted on January 2023

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​Compensation is always tricky to determine, both as a professional and for organisations. Across all markets, individuals and businesses regularly ask for the very latest compensation trends to benchmark and identify where they stand in the market.

EPM Scientific engaged with over 400 life sciences professionals across the Asia Pacificto create the EPM Scientific Salary Snapshot 2022, to produce a report covering compensation and variants between locations and seniorities.

The Salary Snapshot aims to provide a salary and package benchmark for all hiring managers and professionals across the life sciences industry in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.

Some of the interesting findings

  • Over 90% of life sciences respondents from South Korea received bonuses and salary increments in the past 6 months. But only 50% of life sciences respondents from Malaysia received a bonus.

  • All life sciences respondents (100%) in Australia received flexibility at work. In contrast, around 70% of other regions' respondents received flexibility at work.

Find out more from our latest EPM Scientific Salary Snapshot 2022 - download the full report below:

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