In the realm of clinical research, accurate data capture, insightful analysis, and timely monitoring are pivotal. These elements catalyze progress within medical tools and the pharmaceutical domain. The role of Biometrics becomes crucial when we aim to ascertain the outcomes of human interventions, gauge the regularity of side effects, examine diagnostic techniques, or affirm scientific theories.

The trajectory of contemporary research and trials emphasizes the escalating need for adept professionals in bioinformatics, biostatistics, and related biometrics fields. By 2021, the healthcare biometrics market stood at US$26.02 billion. With projections setting it at an impressive US$79 billion by 2030, and a CAGR of 18.1% from 2022-2030, the quest to identify and secure top talent in clinical research biometrics intensifies. This is where EPM Scientific's expertise becomes indispensable.

EPM Scientific's Distinctive Edge

Since its inception in 2012, EPM Scientific has carved its niche as a trusted partner for global life sciences companies. Our strength lies in identifying rare biometric talent for critical research roles and aligning them with appropriate opportunities. Our commitment to advanced methodologies and fostering our in-house experts ensures we're with you every step of the way, unlocking optimal career avenues.

Tailored Biometrics Talent Solutions

With a global footprint, EPM Scientific offers a mosaic of talent solutions specific to Biometrics. Adapting to individual organizational needs, we streamline both retained and contingent recruitment strategies. Our vast network, encompassing permanent placements to interim roles, stands testament to our adaptability. Beyond mere placement, our ethos revolves around a comprehensive, strategy-driven approach from candidate identification to final hiring.

Embedded in the fabric of Phaidon International, EPM Scientific represents services within life sciences. Our global brigade is adept at creating value, ensuring an unmatched experience in recruitment account management.

Biometric Jobs

Senior Manager, Biostatistics
US$180000 - US$210000 per year + bonus, equity, 401k, Menlo Park

We've just launched a search for a Senior Manager, Biostatistics with a legacy Bay Area biotech. ...

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