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Podcast Episode: The Role of the Pharma Consultant

EPM Scientific's Thomas McMann joins Yan Kugel on the newest episode of the Qualitalks podcast. As Head of Contracts Switzerland, Thomas talks all things contractors and consultants within the world of quality in the life sciences industry.


There are many career paths within the quality field of the life sciences sector in Europe. Next to different industries, speciality fields and product categories, professionals need to consider whether to work in a permanent job or as an independent contractor or consultant. At the same time, life sciences businesses looking to hire a specialist need to decide whether the best solution is hiring a permanent employee or consulting an external person for a limited amount of time.

Decisions like these are influenced by many different factors and both options have their benefits. Do you want the security of a long-term employment or do you want the flexibility of project-based work? And what is actually the difference between a consultant and a contractor?

In the most recent podcast episode of the QualiTalks podcast, Thomas McMann, Head of Contracts EPM Scientific Switzerland, sheds some light on the benefits and challenges of working independently within the life sciences and gives advice on what to pay attention to when considering making a move.

Listen to the full episode to hear about:

  • ​The difference between a contractor and consultant

  • The benefits of becoming an independent consultant

  • How much experience do you need to become a contractor?

  • The biggest challenges of being a consultant

  • How to find the best contract for you?

  • How to get the best pay as a contractor?

About Thomas McMann

Thomas McMann joined Phaidon International in 2016 to work across the European market, focused within the Life Science sector. In 2018 Thomas moved to Zürich, Switzerland, to open up EPM Scientific's Contracts business within Quality & Regulatory across the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device sector.

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